Free Founder Collaboration Agreement

One of the most important agreement you can make is that with a potential cofounder of a new company. I would to say that this process always go without a problem, and that everyone honours their word but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Tina Baker from law firm JAG Shaw Baker has created the following free template for a Cofounder Collaboration Agreement. It’s a great free way to ensure that you and cofounder(s) are on the same page from day 1 and that you have an agreement in black and white.

The principle is very simple, and ensures that you both are working to the same goal, that everything you develop goes into the company you’re developing, and most importantly clarifies who owns how much AND what happens if someone quits the venture or things don’t work out.

I have personally been in this situation before (many years ago) and have been bitten by not having this type of simple agreement in place.

Download the Word version of the Founder Collaboration Agreement here.