You don’t often find out how much founders make from the sale of their apps – so it’s all the more fun when you do the digging and find out. Waze has been called the most lucrative technology startup and app acquisition in Israel’s history: not a bad title.

The Big Winner: Ehud Shabtai with $78 million (6% of Waze)

Ehud Shabtai co-founded Waze back in 2006, after receiving a GPS system from a friend. His first instinct was to create an app that would allow people to share information about speed cameras. The app grew grew in popularity until  he received a letter from Mapa claiming he was violating their copyright. Mapa offered to buy the app but wouldn’t allow him to use their map technology. Bad move. Ehud decided to delete Mapa’s maps and create completely new ones.

Amir and Gili Shinar with $65 million each (2.6% of Waze)

Waze co-founder and VP R&D Amir Shinar has more than 15 years experience as a system architect and developer. He became a co-founder of Waze after founding, and serving as CEO of, X.L.Net (where he met Ehud). Funnily enough, Amir joined Waze as one of the 1,500 volunteers who mapped Israel in the early stages of the app.

Amir’s brother, Gili Shinar, owns the same sized stake in Waze.

Uri Levine with $38 million (3% of Waze)

Waze co-founder (the company has lots of cofounders) and president Uri Levine is the  marketing and business development guy. Before  Waze, he was an adviser and product manager at Comverse and Celltrex.

Arie Gillon with $4 million

Arie (Arik) Gillon is a Waze co-founder, but holds no position in the company. The only mention of Waze in Gillon’s public profile on LinkedIn appears in the box of companies he monitors. Alongside Amdocs Ltd.(NYSE: DOX) and Comverse, where he worked for a long time, Waze is also listed. His involvement in Waze’s founding team included introducing the other partners, which led to the founding of the company.

Noam Bardin with a few million dollars

Waze CEO Noam Bardin is the man who handles its operations in Silicon Valley and in Israel. He co-founded VoIP company Deltathree Inc. (Nasdaq: DDDC), where he held several executive positions, including COO, CEO, and chairman. Before joining Waze, Bardin was CEO of Intercast Networks. He has a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.