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I am – and you should – always be thinking about messaging, PR and how your app appears to the public. In the realm of consumer things, getting to that one-line description, that cuts through the noise, is the key to everything.

Caryn Marooney is the Head of Technology Communications for Facebook. But before that, she co-founded OutCast, the elite PR agency that worked with one-time startups Amazon, Salesforce.com, Netflix and VMware. She’s seen firsthand how hard it is for young companies to capture press attention when they have zero brand recognition and limited resources.


A message succeeds when people remember it — when it sticks. This is crucial not only to get press, but to raise funding from the best firms, hire the best people, and attract the best advisors. Getting strong press feeds all of these needs, too.

  • Relevant
  • Inevitable
  • Believable
  • Simple

Caryn presents some compelling examples of each of these – but the concept is as simple as the acronym. How do you make sure that you’re nailing these four elements every single day – both internally (does your team get it?) and externally (do your users get it?)

“Being believable isn’t just convincing people you can win, it’s convincing them that they want you to win.”

“Take your messaging and edit it down,” says Marooney. “Get it to its essence. What is the one line you want people to remember? You only get one.”

“If your messaging isn’t unbelievably simple, you’re missing the point.”

Marooney digs even deeper with some frameworks around how to get to launch, and how to make sure you have a robust branding and communications strategy in place.

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